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    The two Latin words meaning ‘Honest Change’ enlightened the mission of Novo Veritas: to inspire and empower people to embrace the pursuit of change. Change requires personal accountability and moral support within a community which upholds the process of change.


    The Novo Veritas goal is to provide this community.


    Novo Veritas was founded in 2014 by Spencer Newell, a recovering alcoholic and addict, along with Betsy Hartley,a former Type-2 diabetic, who lost two hundred twenty pounds. Their personal stories provide insight into how to take on significant lifestyle change, embrace it, and sustain it.


    Spencer and Betsy give motivational presentations, guide small group workshops and offer individual lifestyle and wellness coaching.


    Their goal: to help shape a lifestyle and wellness footprint for those who want to dispense with the unhealthy crutches to which they are bound.


    Novo Veritas speaking engagements include open forum question and answer sessions. Here, audience members can learn firsthand about the real struggles Spencer and Betsy experience and how committing to lifestyle change gives them unequaled benefits.


    The goal: to establish and build a community of like-minded people focused on engaging in open dialogue about lifestyle change and what it takes to make it happen.